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Q: When and where are the required Hunter Safety Classes offered?
A: Contact the WI DNR to check for times and locations.

Q: Why is rapid fire restricted?
A: The simple answer is safety. A high percentage of the people shooting on our range are not trained and/or sufficiently practiced in rapid fire shooting (currently defined as less than 5 seconds between shots) to ensure that the point of aim is on target for each shot. The tendency is for the muzzle of the fire arm to climb with each shot and far too often, the third an successive shots will actually pass over the top of the berm.

Q: What is the best trigger pull for target (hunting, varmint, etc.) shooting?
A: There is no short or individually correct answer. Generally, the least pull force and creep that the shooter can control and that will allow "safe handling with the safety off" will provide the best results - for more see our Downloads page for the PDF file Rifle Trigger Commentary.

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Twin City Rod & Gun Club in Neenah, Wisconsin

Twin City Rod & Gun Club

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