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 Again, we thank everyone for coming out to our last shoot of the year and a huge thanks to all the people involved in setting up the course and helping in taking it down. If it weren't for the volunteers by Club members, these events wouldn't be possible. Your feedback is important to us so feel free to contact us anytime. Great shoot?




      For everyone who came out and helped on our Tuesday work night, a big thank you and thank you to everyone who has helped throughout the year, to make our programs at TC Archery successful. 


    Great Job !


              Memorial Night  6-19-19

                                      What is our Memorial Night ?

Each year on a designated evening in June, TC Archery has it's own Memorial Night to remember and honor the members who have passed on.

We also recognize the current members who have served our country in the Armed Forces .




 This ceremony is celebrated with a free fish fry for all who attend.



We thank everyone who shared this evening with us and all the people who helped with fish donations and the preparation involved in making this event possible.



A special thanks to Al King who again did a great job, making this event special.

Upcoming schedule of events.


July 20th. & 21st.       3D shoot, 8am - 3pm, marked yardage, Pop-Ups optional

                                                     Scholastic 3D archery shoot

                                        Paper Fest archery booth

 August 14th.              Corn Roast. 

August 17th. & 18th   3D String shoot, 8am - 3pm, unmarked yardage                                                                       Pop-ups optional                                

August 28th.               Last night of summer league

September  4th.         End of year work night

September 13th.        Course closes for the winter

Also, congratulations to Beth Apple for winning the 

Find the Rat/Crow contest. 


Thanks to everyone who came out and helped

make this rainy weekend a successful one.

 While cleaning up, we decided to sort out a few 3-D targets and put them up for sale. Below is a picture of them and a requested price. If you are interested, please Call Brian Biettler @ 920-419-2037 to set up a time to take a look or make an offer. 

The larger Caribou's and Elk have been sold but the Cat and Ram are still available so call Brian and make an offer. We need to make some room.


    Thanks for attending the

May 18th, & 19th shoot

Congratulations to Trent Kluck for winning the Find The Rat Contest.

Here are the results 



Deck shoot results below. 


  We are looking for new, 2 person teams 

to sign up for 2019's Archery League. Pick someone to be your partner and sign up. 

Cost is only $25.00 per person for the entire season.

You must also be a member of the main Club.



League Banquet held at R & B Archery on January 26, 2019


Special Medal's awarded to

these two, who shot the

Highest scores, averaged

throughout the league

      2018 season.



  Certificates for shirts, to

congratulate these members

       for their excellent

   achievements during the

      2019League season.






A big thanks to Beef, who every year runs the White Elephant auction to rap up our anual banquet.         We are so fortunate for all the help we get, not only for preparation for the banquet but for everything else that is done during the year, which we want to thank everyone who goes out of their way and sacrifices their valuable time to make this league, one of the best in the state. 

Thank you and god bless.  



Volunteer work detail mid January 2019



Al King won the find the rat/crow contest and Leroy Dorn won the 3-D buck target for the second year in a row. He had to shoot a pretty good score to beat the competition and he did just that by shooting 10 perfect twelves in a row. It don't get any better than that. Wow! Congratulations Leroy. 


Winners of the money drawing are as follows: 

1st. place $300.00 = Tom Rand

2nd. place $200.00 = Jake Tschirgi

3rd. place $100.00 = Mike De Bont

4th. place $75.00 = Dave Frakes

5th. place $50.00 = Larry Romano. 

 The Twin City Rod and Gun Archery Club would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend and helped make our event a success. We hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you next year. 



 Everyone enjoyed Allen's

hot buttered sweet corn

       on Leaque night


A big thanks goes out to Gene

for cooking up some mighty

           tasty kernels


There was even time for some family fun after shooting

We hope to see you at our

3-D shoot this weekend. 



Thanks for everyone who came out and helped make our

shoot a big success. Make sure to mark your calendars for

our next and last 3-D event of the year on 8-18-18 and

8-19-18. In addition to the string shoot, we will set up

the optional pop up targets for your quick shot skills.

                  We hope to see you there ! 

And the winner of the Find the Rat/Crow contest is

                Jim Zwiers from Kimberly.




 Austin Horneck won the find the crow and rat contest during the May 3-D shoot.




Below  you see the member who took the lead rebuilding the

tower stand on the bear loop, along with some of the helpers.

Deservingly he takes the first shot off the top story. Good job

done by all and thanks to those in the picture and those who

helped but aren't. 






It can't be said enough so a big thanks again

to everyone who helped set up, run and clean

up for this event.



Crossbow targets have been moved to the Main Gun Range, on the east side of the range for those of you who need to practice or sight in their crossbows.























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