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2021 Competitive Buffalo Shoot

When: Saturday, August 7, 2021 from 10 am to 5 pm (if rained out, will hold the event on Sunday August 8 from 10 am to 5 pm)

Where: TCR&G Rifle Range

TCR&G members and non-members are allowed to enter this competitive shoot. Shooter will purchase a buffalo target from the Range Officer for $10.00. There is NO raffle entry form included with these competitive shoot targets. 

Shooter will declare which of the classes below they want their target to be enterered in at time of purchase. Range Officer will mark the target with the selected class. Classes are as follows:

  • Class LD: Long Distance Hunter Class. Shot at 200 yds. Any centerfire rifle or muzzleloader
  • Class HC: Hunter Class. Shot at 100 yds. Any centerfire rifle or muzzleloader
  • Class IS: Iron Sight Hunter Class. Shot at 100 yds. Any centerfire rifle or muzzleloader equipped with iron sights. No scopes, aiming points, or electronic sights permitted. Class IS uses a larger target then classes LD & HC

Shooter may enter as many classes as desired. Shooter may enter as many times within a class as desired. Only the Shooter's highest scored target within a class will be eligible for prizes in that class.

All shooting must be done in a standing, sitting, or kneeling position. Use of shooting bench is not allowed. Shooters may use a typical rifle sling if desired. No shooting sticks or rifle mounted bipods/tripods allowed. Remember, this is a Buffalo Shoot. There is no time limit for firing the five shots, as long as the time taken for completing the shots is reasonable.

Scoring: Only five (5) shots will be counted for scoring of the target. If more than five (5) shots are inidicated on the target, only the five (5) LOWEST scoring shots will be counted. If a shot touches a scoring line, the shooter will be awarded the higher score. All scoring will be done by the Range Officer. The Range Officer's scoring is final.

Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded based on 50% of entry fees for each class.

  • First Place is 50% of class prize pot
  • Second place is 30% of class prize pot
  • Third place is 20% of class prize pot
  • Other merchandise prizes may be awarded

Come dressed in your best historical buffalo hunter outfit. Photos will be taken for the club scrapbook.

Bring any historical firearms or reproductions from the 1800s that you would like to show or shoot.

Grilled buffalo burgers, hot dogs, and brats will be available.

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